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Here's the fine print. This isn't just so we can cover our posteriors - it also tells you what to expect from us, and explains what we expect from you.


We can remove your ring without prior notice and without needing to give a reason. We don't plan on doing that - we're not tyrants - but we reserve the right to do so. Just in case.


We do not exercise any control over which sites users place in their rings. If you're offended by something a user puts in their rings, tough. We do not claim that ring content will be suitable for all ages.

User Disputes

Since we require that ring creators give a valid email address (see next item), it's possible for someone to write them with flames or other nastiness. We are not responsible for such disputes; we have no control over correspondence between ring owners and ring users. Furthermore we will not intervene in such disputes.

In general, we expect everyone to behave. If you don't like a ring, don't raise a huge stink about it. If you're a ring owner and you get nasty mail, either respond gracefully or ignore it.


As you'll see when you create a new ring, we require that ring creators give a valid email address. We do check these addresses for validity, and we expect them to stay valid - i.e. if your email changes, we expect you to tell us. A ring which doesn't have a valid email address will be deleted without warning.

Furthermore we do share that email address with the public (it appears when the ring sites are listed). Since one of the purposes of Nibelung is to bring users in contact with one another, it would hardly make sense to not give them a method of doing so.

We do attempt to keep the emails as spamproof as possible, by altering their text, not making them mailto links, and keeping them only in a rollover.

Non-Commercial Use

These rings are for non-commercial use only. We're not sure how you'd manage to use one in a commercial way, but we're sure someone will devise something, and when they do, we will delete them.

We are rabidly anti-spam. We do not sell or give away our list of ring owners. If you get spammed by someone and you believe it was because they found your email on Nibelung, tell us - we want to have words with the spammers.

As for our own content ...

We do not promise that we will never run ads. We would prefer to avoid it, but if this project becomes popular, we may have to run them just to make back our costs. (Don't hold your breath.) If we do ever run ads, we will give all ring owners ample warning (and will probably hold an open discussion on the subject).


We do not warrant that the Nibelung CGI is bug-free. We try to fix bugs in a timely manner, but full eradication is impossible. (We do maintain a bug list.)

That said, Nibelung is a small and easily wrangled CGI and we consider it quite stable, so don't let the previous sentence frighten you.

We are always extremely interested in hearing about bugs, design issues, suggestions, et cetera - our contact address is below and on all full pages.

Can't figure out how to start a new ring? Go back and read carefully this time.

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