n i b e l u n g

8 July 2020

Once upon a time, there was a site called nibelung.org, and it was a tool for, essentially, creating a webring without actually having to wrangle the webring code yourself. You youngsters will not remember webrings; they did not survive. At first they were replaced by better tools, then they died off when people just stopped going to all but the same ten social-media websites.

Because Nibelung was actually a useful tool, it lingered on with a handful of users for years and years, and because support requirements for it were basically zero, I let it linger. When I changed ISPs in January 2007 (because of the shocking incompetence levels of my ISP), I went to the trouble of making sure the code was working in its new home. But when I changed ISPs again in July 2020 (because of the shocking incompetence levels of my ISP--you may detect a theme), this time I when I looked at the amount of pain it would take to get Nibelung to work in its new home vs the usage stats, I decided to finally let it die.

I think the basic idea of a site aggregator tool has not yet run its course, though, and one day, when time permits, there may be some new tool here which will inherit the name.

If you're one of the people who used Nibelung faithfully for years, thank you. I appreciate it.

valkyries at nibelung dot org