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Latest News - 11 June 2007

Since the ISP change in January, performance has been up and down. We're looking at ways to try to improve this code (which shouldn't be hard since it hasn't been substantially revised in five years). Further bulletins as they happen.

Individual Webrings Without Fuss

The problem with a webring is that you have to get each site to link to the webring server. Suppose that there was a way to make a webring where that wasn't a requirement?

Well, there is. Unfortunately it requires frames. Yes, you have to take the good with the bad. However, we think you'll find our little frames are very discreet and well-behaved.

Under our system, all the ring maintenance is done via a web form. No uploading and downloading, no HTML code to play with. And if you really can't stand frames, you can use it in "list mode" (basically amounting to a list of customizable bookmarks).

These rings are public. Anyone can see which sites you've ringed together, and try out your ring to see what kinds of sites you like. You can choose to hide the ring temporarily (for example, if you haven't added any sites to it yet :), but we strongly encourage everyone to share.

- To see the rings that have been created so far, go to the Master List.

- To create a ring of your own, read the fine print and you'll be shown how to begin.

- There's also a document on the technical innards of Nibelung, including its revision history, and the bug list.

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